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Living in Cyprus / Italy / Spain / France / USA / Eastern Europe? Want to watch UK TV on your lounge TV? Using our VPN Modified Routers and UK super fast VPN servers you can! The router is £270.00 with a 3 months guarentee and remote administration for 12 months. The VPN service is £60 per 12 months and is totally unlimited all you can use. Due to our internal program you will get a connection speed of 80-90% of your actual internet speed, this is very important as low speeds cause buffering in video playback. We even use our units in caravans via a mobile phone and they work great!

How you can watch TV without an arial or dish from abroad.

I am sure you have heard of freesat 'satellite' and freeveiw 'terrestrial' TV and paid TV services such as SKY which require an arial or satellite dish. Did you know that the SKY service can only be received as far as Barcelona on the same size dish you have on the wall here in the UK. Terrestrial TV is digital and local to the area. No way your going to receive free channels in Calais France nether mind Barcelona.

There is now a third option, you have heard of Netflix and such like services, these use the broadband service to stream the channel to your PC or TV. One problem and that is you have to be in the UK to receive these services. This is so the service doesn't get saturated and the suppler has to up their bandwidth to handle the extra load and this costs money which eats into their profits. So they ban any connection that originates outside the UK. Other countries do the same and our system can be used to get around this problem.

It works by joining your existing broadband service in your foreign home, hotel, caravan site, open wifi access points. It then creates a tunnel to the UK and obtains a UK web identity. Our units have specialised routines that check all the available servers for speed and service then connect to the fastest so your connection is always the fastest at the time you want it, all you do is switch it on. This is repeated every time you switch it on.

1Channel work around for UK users

1channel has now been blocked by UK ISP's so if you are trying to watch 1channel or primewire (same thing) you can't without using a modded router set to a superfast VPN A/P as ours do. Watch our speedtest results

More about the Modified Intelligent VPN Router

We supply a modified VPN router so you can receive UK TV through the internet, a work around GEO Banning, also if using a SKY Box not needing to install a massive 3 meter satellite dish. You will have access to most of the free sat channels and 'On Demand' services too.

You can plug your smart TV or any other media receiver that uses a RJ45 port into our router via its network cable or Wifi. Once connected the TV will act as if its back in the UK. using the built in plugins saves you buying a smart receiver. Any smart receiver that uses RJ45 or Wifi will work with our routers. This gets around the 'GEO BANNING PROBLEM'.

We can supply you with a modified apple TV2 device that will act as the smart part plus more - giving you access to 1000,s of HD films has many free plugins. I also install Netflix with this device so you can access their huge library of films too. You will have access to freesat channels such as BBC1 and ITV etc so that's the soaps sorted.

Don't worry if your not technically minded its all plug and play. Full instruction are given with pictures. Also instant email help is always available within UK working hours. We also can remote into your laptop / PC for diagnostic and if needed installation. 99% of the time its not needed.

We say smart because it can workout which server in the UK (or selected country) has the fastest connection from your location. So its in direct reference to you. Once it has this information it joins that server and streams the media through to your TV. If the service starts to give buffering problems as some remote locations can, just switch off the router then back on and the router will re-tune to the fastest server giving you the best service available at that time and from your location. You can't get better than that.

We use super fast routers running at 680Mhz so the VPN tunnel is fast and on a 10mbit connection we manage on average 8.5mbit VPN. Yes! 8.5Mbit not the usual 2-3Mbit. Your video stream will require 2 - 4 Mbit a second to give you HD quality non buffering playback.

Still not sure if it's for you?

If you can answer yes to the following questions this service is for you.

a. You reside outside of the United Kingdom.
b. You can't get UK television stations. Have a look at the current channels here.
c. You have a good internet connection installed.

We supply all the devices needed to enable you to watch UK TV on all your TV's whilst living outside the United Kingdom and within a geo banned area, using your existing broadband connection.

This is what you need.

a. Fast broadband Internet Connection. Test yours here this is running on our web server and is a good reference for your UK connection speed. Over 4 meg is needed.

b. One of our modified routers. This device will piggyback onto your current router. You will need one free network socket they look like this on our modified router yours will be simular. This one has 4 free sockets you can plug devices into and the yellow one will go to your current router. Its also configured to use Wifi named "UKIP".


The device we use to put the channels on your TV is a modified Apple TV2 device. An Android can also be used also your laptop/PC because by connecting to the UKIP access point you are in fact given a UK identity and so any service inside the UK will treat you as being in the UK. (getting around the geo banning problem).

Why Can't I just use my SKY Box?
If you read your agreement with SKY you will find its against their policy for you to remove the box from the registered UK address and use it abroad. Further more accounts need to be older than 18 months so you no longer need to have the box plugged into a telephone line. As the system will turn your receiving capabilities off until you plug the device back into the recorded phone line. As you can imagine this is not workable. So your account is older than 18 months and you live no further than Barcelona you can use your dish. Any further and you will need a 1.2mtr dish. What about Cyprus? or further? No chance you need to use the internet streaming service to receive those UK channels.

How does the watchsoaps system work?
Simply we will be using your current internet connection to stream live TV, on-demand recorded UK TV shows, HD and DVD movies, Sports 1,2 and 3 to your TV. To do this you obviously must have broadband installed.

We supply you with two devices. The first of these devices are a (Apple TV2) which plugs into your TV by the HDMI cable supplied. Obviously your TV must have an HDMi port free. The SCART type will just not work. Then plug in the power via the cable supplied.

The Apple TV2 device has been configured to connect to the Gateway Router automatically using it's WiFi.

The second device is our VPN Gateway Router. Plug this device into your existing internet router by means of network cable (supplied) it can go into any free network socket see picture, not the yellow port if you have one. Plug power in with the power cable supplied and wait let the system connect (approx. 1 - 2 mins).


What is Geo Banning?
Each time you connect to the internet your device is given an IP address. It's unique to your session at that time and day. Web services can work out which country your in by this IP address and ban you from using their services and content if your outside the UK.

If i have a UK IP address am I allowed to watch the content?
Yes, but there is a further check that can cause you to be geo banned. This is if your coming thru a proxy server, you will be banned.

What speed Internet do i need?
Any connection above 5meg will work fine, if your going to use more than one TV at the same time then add 2meg for each extra TV.

When you play a soap the data that is sent to you is measured in megabytes a second, this is called the speed of the stream. iPlayer and itv use half to one megabyte a second. But playing a HD stream you could use up to 5 megabytes a sec. The device that receives the stream (the one attached to your TV) will decide with the server supplying the stream of what speed it will accept. So your always get a stream but of what clarity depends on many factors.

The main factor is the speed of your current internet this is the speed you signed up for ie 2MB, 4MB, 6MB or 12MB or more. If you have a 6 megabyte internet connection you can check it by clicking here and running a test. Our results are here. We are on a 100 megabyte internet connection. The faster the better.

The Techy bit......
When a VPN (virtual private network) is created between two points ie your home in Spain and our office is London an encrypted tunnel is created and the connection is issued an IP address from our server. The identity of your session is then given our London IP to any server past this point. That's how you gain the identity of some one in London. Don't worry if you don't understand this technology it's been around since the beginning of the Internet as SSL banking that's the HTTPS on a web site.

Because the data has to be encrypted before it gets sent down the tunnel and DE-encrypted when it exits the tunnel your going to need some fast hardware. Our gateway device runs like a small computer actually at 680Mhz so this encryption business is very fast and maximizes the throughput (VPN Speed), although this happens your going to loose some of the basic bandwidth, usually 60%. So a 10 megabyte internet connection will actually end up with a 2 megabyte VPN tunnel. Here is our speedtest as a VPN tunnel results actually connected to the gateway device. As you can see there is a massive difference in speed, but this is not all down to the actual VPN tunnel the connection speed at the other end will make a difference too. We went with a service provider that has a very fast backbone.

We have added a new function to our routers and it has improved the VPN speed. When you turn the router on the magic happens, it downloads a small piece if code from our servers which supplies the router with all the IP's of the chosen country. It then runs a process to find the top 5 fastest connections. It's important this is done from the location and on the network your actually going to use it on as it's choice is based on the connection speeds from you and the load that the VPN server is under, network traffic between you and the VPN server. Once this has been calculated the top 5 destinations are written to the config and the connection is made. If you find the connection going slow all you need to do is restart the router and this process is automatically repeated.

Watch this working here

Gateway Device
This is the Gateway Device we use, it has been modified to handle the VPN connection.

I can watch UK TV on my PC or Laptop why would i need this kit?
Yes we know you can watch UK TV by opening a VPN connection on your pc/laptop and running the browser iPlayer, iTV, 4OD, Demand5, we also include access to 1000's of free films from 1Channel and icefilms which play perfectly on your HD TV, for free! You will probably need to add some browser plugins MAC or PC which are a nightmare but with perseverance you can configure your system to play these movies. Or you can use our TV device that is already configured to play the films on your TV! Sit back in your lounge with your family and friends and enjoy these HD films not huddled around a small screen on your laptop. To give you an idea here is a live list of the latest 150 available HD films from icefilms one of our free film plugins look here all watchable in English from our system.

What device do you supply to play on my TV?
We use a device called an AppleTV2 which is modified to access all this free content. These are available in ebay from other sellers and can be setup to access the gateway device and play UK content but i would suggest you use the units we supply as they will have been configured to plugin and work. They use very little power have no moving parts and have their own remote. Ours are new (or referbed).

Apple TV2
As these have no moving parts there's no noise at all! No heat!

What is this VPN Service you have mentioned?
A VPN service is an account the gateway device uses to connect to the UK. It's included in the price of our package for the first 12 months. The cost is £60 per year and we will send you an invoice to pay at 11 and half months. I suggest you pay it with paypal then it will not discontinue thus loosing the account. A new account will need to be coded into the gateway device and will require you to return it back to us or if possible we can remote into your PC and make the changes. There will be a charge of £39 for this (per remote session). Prices may differ in 12 months. The service is an unlimited data plan so use as much as you like.

Does the Gateway Device give me a Wifi Access Point that i can use with my laptop?
Yes you will find a new A/P in the WiFi results called UKTV-G or UKTV-N the G is 2.4ghz network for 144Mbits data speed and the N is 5ghz network adapters for 300Mbits data speeds. The gateway device is a dual band device so it will support the latest wifi adapters such as you will find on a MAC. The password to this new wifi access point (A/P) will be given upon request. The wifi has been configured to use WPA protection so no one can crack your wifi connection.

Ok i love the idea i can watch all this on my living room TV where do i get one from?
Press the Buy Now button below which includes:
1X Apple TV2 device for your TV.
1X Gateway Router to connect you to London.
12 months VPN service with unlimited data plan.

all this for £625.00 plus PP taken by our sister company vpn4iphone.

There is a £9.95 post+packaging+insurance charge to be added.

Need more? For our complete home solution for up to 4 TV's look here.


Smart TV
For those that have a smart TV with it's own network socket (RJ45) and or Wifi (network) connection. For this you will require our modified router and our 12 months VPN unlimited use service.

Your TV will be used to receive ODS 'on demand services' from the UK. Other countries can be programmed in to the router but only one at a time is permitted.

We just need to know which country you require so we can setup the router to the fastest possible service in your chosen country.

Only one country per router is configurable at the moment. Its totally plug and play, remote setup is available this router will need to be attached to your current router by cable.

This router can be used in a Caravan or Motorhome and soon a Yacht. This is how you can benefit, first you can think of this device as a wifi booster it will create a unique AccessPoint for you to use around the caravan so the kids iPads, iPhone and android phones can all join the internet up to 2000 meters from your caravan. Also the device can reach the sites wifi (this is the connection your going to piggyback) at longer distances. Even if your plot is right on the edge of the Wifi envelope using our device it will power through giving you a clean clear strong wifi connection. Your still have to pay the site to use their wifi as this is not a hacking device.

Now plug in the smart TV or a Apple TV2 modified receiver and you can access the UK TV channels 1000's of HD films and sports, netflix service all to your caravan in the Sun! Skype also works so free calls too. Do remember your using the sites broadband so the service is dependant on their speed.

BTWifi users can have the device coded so it connects to one of 7 million open access points giving you 50X the range of your mobile phones wifi this is a great device for the BT Wifi service. Obviously if your going to Spain for the summer holidays the device will need to be reprogrammed for that environment at the moment we are working on a workaround so that both open and BT access point can be addressed at the same time which will not require a re-programme when switching. At the moment i offer a free re-programme remote service for my valued existing customers.

This deal includes the router bought outright £270 and 12 months high speed VPN unlimited use account £60 postage inc insurance £9.95. (please note the cost to send our package to Cyprus in 3 days recorded is £110.00 the difference of £80.00 will be payable upon dispatch).

We offer a repair service for your broken Apple TV2 Jailbroken device. more info here.

We do sell these units separately for the Apple TV2 Jailbroken device with latest XBMC more info here.

Buy just the router only modded we can configure your VPN service PPTP will need the user name and password and server IP. For the gateway router.more info here.

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